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Achieve Awards

The APS Education Foundation (APSEF) Achieve Awards are designed to support school-based programs and student activities that engage students beyond the regular school day. Projects funded under this grant include before- and after-school clubs, student organizations/groups and extracurricular/co-curricular activities. 

Each year, the Foundation anticipates funding up to $100,000 in Achieve Awards. 

Apply for an Achieve Award

For more information, contact 
APS Grant Writer at the Foundation at 880-3708

Eligible Applicants:

APS K-12 schools and APS Departments are eligible to apply, which includes teachers, educational assistants, librarians, counselors, social workers and other school personnel. Applicants may apply as individuals or as part of a group.

All applicants must certify that the principal/immediate supervisor is aware of the proposal and supports the application. Achieve Awards will not be funded without the support of school administration.

Only APS employees may submit applications. APS traditional and magnet schools are eligible to apply. 

Eligible Proposals:

Proposals must meet the following criteria: 

  • Be clearly aligned with award's focus and district's priorities. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities must be designed to supplement school curriculum and promote entertainment, character, participation, and leadership.
  • Build on student engagement, academic experiences and positive student outcomes.
  • Have clearly defined goals and measurable outcomes to determine the success of the project.
  • Have a realistic budget and use the award to cover teacher stipends, purchased services and/or supplies and materials within the proposed activity.
  • Does not include requests for facilities needs within budget.
  • Demonstrate an effort to raise funds through other sources in effort to sustain the proposed student club or activity.

Previous Award Winners:

  • A. Montoya Elementary School, Sphero Heros, $1,050.00
  • Albuquerque High School, Crafty "Dawgs", $600.00
  • Bel Air Elementary School, STEAM Club, $7,807.00
  • Cibola High School, Band!, $1,275.00
  • Cibola High School, Robotics Team Expansion, $3,600.00
  • Collet Park Elementary School, Practicing Self-Regulation, $395.00
  • eCademy High School, Health Initiative, $660.00
  • Eldorado High School, Skills for Success, $7,000.00
  • Garfield Middle School, Robotics Club, $3,338.00
  • Harrison Middle School, After School Cooking Club, $4,200.00
  • Hayes Middle School, Adventurer's League Afterschool Club, $2,243.00
  • Highland High School, Outdoor Adventure Club, $5,225.00
  • La Cueva High School, National Orchestra Festival, $2,785.00
  • Lew Wallace Elementary School, Icing On The Cake Club, $1,500.00
  • Manzano High School, 1st Annual NM Youth Diversity Conference, $225.00
  •  Manzano High School, Outdoor Club, $4,000.00
  • Nex+Gen Academy, Griffin Robotics First Tech Challenge & MESA STEM Space, $5,927.00

Grant Term:

Achieve Awards are available twice per academic year, during Fall and Spring grant cycles.  If funded, schools/departments must be prepared to implement project (staff availability, activities in place) upon receiving award.

All awards are for one year and does not imply a commitment for additional funding.

Grant Amount:

APS schools and departments may apply up to $10,000 in funding.

Please note: funding is limited and large grants will be rare.

Selection Process and Criteria:

All grant applications are reviewed by a selection committee of APSEF Board members and community volunteers. 

The Achieve Award is a “blind” grant, meaning grant applications are ranked and reviewed without identifying the school. Please ensure that your project description does not identify you or your school. Applicants which use identifying names in the narrative may be disqualified.

Primary consideration will be given to proposals that:

    • Impact a maximum number of students
    • Include a creative and innovative teaching/learning approach
    • Can be modeled for future programs and learning

Reporting Requirements:

Achieve Award winners are required to report on project outcomes at the end of the grant period. Final reports must be submitted to the APS Education Foundation. Award winners may be ineligible for future funding if this report is not received.

Award winners should also be willing to host site visits, provide success stories and assist the Foundation with promotional activities.

Other Considerations:

Agreements or partnerships with outside agencies/nonprofit groups should have the approval of APS administration prior to submitting application. Funding will go to the school, and NOT directly to an external partner.

Projects funded through the Achieve Awards are school-specific. If a teacher changes schools and/or if the school is not able to implement the program, all funds must be returned to the APS Education Foundation.

Grant Writing Tips:

For grant applications that include requests with technology, we strongly recommend filling out and submitting the APS Education Foundation Technology Funding Request Survey which can he found HERE.  You must be logged into your APS Google account using your APS credentials to access the survey.

Deadline to Apply:

2019 Fall Cycle opens August 12, 2019 and will close on September 10, 2019 at 5pm MST.

The APS Education Foundation will notify all applicants of the outcome mid-October.


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