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APS Middle School Leadership Program (MSLP) JROTC

2024 Best In Class Nominee Middle School Leadership Program for Archery 3D

Our focus as a program is to open our doors to all students. With archery, any student willing to try is encouraged to try. What started as a program only offered in the Middle School Leadership Programs quickly evolved and was embraced by all military services and implemented into JROTC programs. Together we have established a program that focus on collaboration. Utilizing the teaching, coaching and mentorship methods we are building bonds between the mid school cadets and high school cadets. Moreover, we have taken this program to the community hosting events inviting archery programs from all over the state to compete in categories from 4 th -12 grade. The archery program has teamed up with New Mexico Department of Game and Fish as we work together to certify archery coaches across the state free of charge to APS. The combined effort of APS JROTC, Middle School Leadership and our community we have impacted and served over 10,000 archers state wide. Lastly, APS archers have represented Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico at the national level for the past three years.

If We Win...

If we win, our plan is to use the funds directly for the archers. These funds will be used for equipment and supplies allowing us to get more bows into the hands of more APS students. Our goal is to, “Positively engage all students and offer opportunities”, in hopes that they too can represent JROTC/Middle School Leadership archery programs at the national level.

Archery 3D

Scholarship and Program

  • Develop the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) archery/3D program within the Middle School Leadership Program (MSLP) Over the past eight years we have taught and trained MSLP instructors to teach the NASP archery curriculum in the elective class and expand its interest in the MSLP after school program. This program has expanded to 17 middle schools impacting 3500 cadets a year. This grant will help us continue to have the equipment
    • Engages all middle school students in a yearlong program including summers. Students are engaged every day for 3 hours during the school week.
    • Set a pathway for students to take this skill and show their talent at the state, national and collegiate levels/competitions. Students are engaged in team building, interact with students across the district, be part of a national organization and compete.
    • The matches involve the principals, instructors, coaches and school teams, all are working alongside students in a teach/mentor role.
  • Program started in 2021 – in existence for 2 years
  • Student Impact – The original student impact was 3500, and has grown to over 5000.
  • Growth and Program Model for other APS Schools and departments – The program started with 17 schools and now is in 31 schools. Students ranked 1st place in the state for middle school archery competition. The program has grown from not only weekly trainings/activities but from one archery match to two matches annually. The program now collaborates with high school teams.
  • Sustainability – Solicited support and collaborated with other organizations. Waiting on becoming a sanctioned NMAA activity.