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Sandia High School - 2022 Best in Class Winner

Sandia High School, Graphic Design Club. The 2022 Best in Class Second Place Winner.

Kerri Banach of Sandia High School received two Achieve Awards (now called Student Clubs & Activities Awards) in the fall of 2016 and the spring of 2018.

In her first grant application Ms. Banach wrote, “The Graphics Club will create a sense of community within the school, while teaching students a valuable 21st century skill. Obtaining a professional screen printer will keep the business of printing everyday products within our school, and help develop an entrepreneurial mindset for students. This project not only benefits the students involved in the process, but the entire school community (athletic teams, student organizations, community groups) is able to see the results.” 

The award purchased a printing press along with enough supplies to get the club started.  The students began taking orders for shirts as well as providing graphic design for numerous clubs and activities on campus.  Her second award allowed the club to purchase a vinyl cutter and heat press, expanding their ability to provide services to the school as they can now take orders for jerseys.  

The Graphic Design Club has taught the students fundamentals of graphics design, screenprinting, vinyl making, and has provided apparel for various different organizations throughout Sandia High School and the district.