Collet Park Elementary School

Best In Class Nominee for 2019


4-H School Wide Club

Number of Students Impacted: 351


Collet Park 2After noticing an overall lack of interest in classroom learning, leading to increased behavioral issues and poor attendance, Collet Park Elementary School began to incorporate 4-H curriculum in their everyday learning. With the support of an APS Education Foundation Guhl Literacy Award in 2016, Collet Park implemented the 4-H School Wide Club. Using 4-H curriculum that is research based, common core aligned and high interest, the 4-H School Wide Club introduces experiential learning to students and staff. Students read, write, present and create on topics that are of interest to them. For example, every Friday afternoon students attend a club meeting, where they learn and participate in 4-H projects such as sewing, building, cooking, planting and raising animals.  As a result, student’s motivation to learn, attendance rates and academic performance has drastically increased. Chronic absence rate decreased from 23 percent to 7 percent. Academically, Collet Park witnessed a 6.33 percent growth in school grade score after the first six months of implementing the 4-H Club! An unexpected added bonus is the increase in school volunteers-ten new weekly volunteers were added to the project. Today the club has 350 members and is the only 4-H school in the state.

Collet ParkCollet Park looks forwarding to collaborating with other elementary schools to share best practices and expand the 4-H model. Since implementing the program, schools throughout the state have taken interest, with some schools visiting to see the program firsthand. Additionally, Collet Park is working alongside New Mexico State University to develop a curriculum for an experiential teacher training.  The overall goal is to create a train-the-trainer series to help implement the 4-H program in other schools and provide further professional training for current teachers. Best In Class funding would support 13 hours of teacher training including a full day training in the summer followed by two hours each trimester. 

Collet Park 3