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Best In Class


Best In Class nominees are chosen by the APS Board of Directors' Disbursement Committee based on their program's impact and growth since receiving Foundation funding.  The Committee considers programs that have the ability to grow further to widen and deepen their impact with Best In Class funding.

The final decision is up to the community.  The Foundation asks community members to visit our website, learn more about the nominated programs and to vote for a Best In Class winner.  The winner is announced at the Foundation's signature fundraising event, Gold Bar.

Please browse each program page and learn more about these innovative programs and share their stories!

Eldorado High School
Second Place: Kennedy Middle School 
Third Place: Collet Park Elementary School

4-H School Wide Club 

After noticing an overall lack of interest in classroom learning, leading to increased behavioral issues and poor attendance, Collet Park Elementary School began to incorporate 4-H curriculum in their everyday learning.
Learn more about Collet Park's project.

Chaco Canyon Project Based Learning

Chaco Canyon Project Based Learning is an extraordinary collaboration that links students with professionals, local businesses and government agencies in order to create real world fieldwork and solutions to actual problems. 
Learn more about Eldorado's project.

Reward Incentive Program

As a 2016 Blue Sky Award recipient, Kennedy Middle School successfully implemented a new student incentive program to improve classroom behavior, attendance and academic outcomes.
Learn more about Kennedy's project.