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Best In Class

Best In Class winners receive grant funding from Foundation donors to expand their programming. Learn more about our three Best In Class nominees!

Best in Class Nominees

Best In Class nominees are chosen by the APS Board of Directors' Disbursement Committee based on their program's impact and growth since receiving Foundation funding.  The Committee considers programs that have the ability to grow further to widen and deepen their impact with Best In Class funding.

The final decision is up to the community.  The Foundation asked community members to visit our website, learn more about the nominated programs and to vote for a Best In Class winner.  

The 2022 Best In Class winner received $15,000 in grant funding from Foundation donors to expand their programming.  Second place received $10,000 and third place $5,000. 

 Eisenhower Middle School - 2022 Best in Class Winner

Eisenhower Middle School, Where Everybody Belongs. The 2022 Best In Class First Place Winner.

 Sandia High School - 2022 Best in Class Winner

Sandia High School, Graphic Design Club. The 2022 Best in Class Second Place Winner.

 Garfield STEM Magnet Middle School - 2022 Best in Class Winner

Garfield STEM Magnet Middle School, Next Generation Middle School Biology. The 2022 Best In Class Third Place Winner.