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Going the Social Distance

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Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) strives to create excellence in public education and serves every child that walks through the door, all 75,000 of them. Each one has a story.  Many never had a “Aha!” moment in which they found what they were learning in class was applicable to real life. 

The APS Education Foundation works as a catalyst to make that connection and serve the emerging needs for over 143 APS schools.  We are devoted to supporting a wide range of programs to let all of our students explore interests and passions through new experiences.  The motto we live by is to ensure students have the opportunity to succeed the minute they enter APS to the moment they walk across the stage as a Senior. 

This has been a very different school year, and what we have found is that even though the uncertainty is greater than ever, educators across the district are stepping forward with ideas to engage and support students and their families.  We cannot gather in person to raise dollars to fund their efforts, but we can come together virtually to show our appreciation by making their dreams come to life. 

Please take a moment to look at the different ways you can go the social distance for our students' education by directing your investment into a grant program or fund. 

Grand Programs and Funds

Classroom & Grade-Level Learning Grants

Classroom & Grade-Level Learning grants are designed to support educators in their efforts to provide innovative, hands-on learning opportunities to APS students. Classroom & Grade-Level Learning grants are specifically targeted towards projects in three key areas: STEM, fine arts, and literacy. Teachers may apply for a single classroom or join a team of teachers to reach more students in multiple classrooms. These innovative projects bring learning to life and serve as small pilots for larger initiatives.

Clubs & Activities Grants

Student Clubs & Activities grants are designed to support school-based programs and student activities that engage students beyond the regular school day. Projects funded under this grant include before- and after-school clubs, student organizations/groups, and extracurricular/co-curricular activities. The goal of these grants to create a strong social engagement among students, families and school staff so students are motivated to attend school. These programs may also serve as a critical support system, allowing students to socialize and learn when they cannot do so at home.

Schoolwide Impact Grants

Schoolwide Impact grants provide support for innovative practices impacting grade levels, subject levels, an entire school or a department district initiative. Proposals must show results in keeping students in school, giving them a heightened chance for success in their academic futures, and/or improving student's overall learning environment. Schoolwide Impact grants are designated for larger programs, allowing educators to share best practices across the district.

The Raquel Reedy Fund

The APS Education Foundation Board of Directors and , in honor of former Albuquerque Public Schools Superintendent Raquel Reedy, officially opened The Raquel Reedy Fund. The fund supports her legacy, decades of service and her passion for education. The Raquel Reedy Fund will continue to support programs with a focus on one or more of her “Superintendent’s Big 5”: Early Learning, College & Career Readiness, Attendance, The Whole Child, and Parent and Community Engagement.

Student Scholarships

Student scholarships funded by the Foundation include those that are part of funded grant program. Scholarship opportunities not only incentivize students to participate in innovative programming before graduation, but they also provide needed financial assistance to students as they pursue their dreams through higher education. A current example of a student scholarship that is part of the Foundation’s grant funding is the Varsity Award. Students who participate in all the steps in preparing for college as outlined by the objectives of this grant, are eligible to be entered into a drawing for a $1,000 scholarship. The Varsity Award currently encourages high school students to learn more about higher education, providing easy to understand resources to help them along the way.

The Edna Greene Crisis Relief Fund

The Edna Greene Fund was established about six years ago to assist families in need during the holidays. This fund provides APS families with assistance housing, utilities, and gift purchases during the holiday season. The Foundation will continue to use donations to this fund to support families facing hardship through this pandemic and beyond. Many schools use their resources to engage entire families in learning while providing food and resources to those in need. The Edna Greene Crisis Relief Fund will support these innovative and critical programs.

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