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Make a gift. Invest in our children.

Give to the APS Education Foundation

Donate Now!When you donate to the APS Education Foundation, your gift supports a student striving for success in Albuquerque Public Schools.

Whether it is first-grade student learning to read, an eighth-grade student in an after-school club or a sophomore struggling with Algebra, your gift funds grants that make early literacy efforts, after-school clubs and tutoring possible. Make your gift and show your support of public education today.

In all, we grant a half a million to schools and classrooms throughout APS each year. Thanks to you and other members of our community. We reach over 82,000 students. Your support will help the Foundation achieve its goal of $1,000,000 a year in grants for our students.

Ways to Give:

For more information about the different ways in which you can give a gift to the Foundation, please call (505) 878-6165 to discuss your gift with a member of our team.

       EHS Anthropology (Fall 2017)