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Health & Wellness Teams (HWT)

Health and Wellness Teams (HWT)

Each school in APS has a HWT that is dedicated to supporting the individualized needs of students.

Which students are eligible for HWT?

Any student (General Education or Special Education) who is exhibiting health, behavioral and/or emotional issues that affects academic and social performance can be referred to the HWT.

How is a student referred to HWT?

Staff or parent(s)/legal guardian(s) may request a HWT to discuss concerns that are impacting academic and social performance.

What happens at a HWT meeting?

Members of the HWT and parent(s)/legal guardian(s) when appropriate work in a collaborative manner to identify and assess student needs, provide consultation and resources, determine appropriate intervention plans and help monitor student progress.

How do students benefit from HWT?

The HWT works together to coordinate support for the student by focusing on the whole child. The team addresses student needs by providing appropriate interventions with the goal of improving attendance, academic, and social performance.

Who is on the HWT?

The HWT may consists of the school counselor, school nurse, behavior redirector (at elementary schools), school social worker and the administrator. Parent(s)/legal guardian(s), teachers or other staff members who interact with the student may attend HWT to participate in identifying needs and the development of the intervention plan.