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Our Philosophy and K-12 Programming

We work to reduce barriers to college and career readiness, beginning at day one of Kindergarten.


The belief that all services offered by Professional School Counselors reduce barriers to college and career readiness is a critical component of this office.

For students to be successful in their post-secondary endeavors, their social/emotional, academic, and career development must be addressed.

Equity and access to rigorous coursework that matches the interests and aspirations of our students are necessary to encourage exploration and thoughtful decision making regarding post-secondary training.


Elementary Programming

College and Career Readiness starts from day one of Kindergarten. Establishing a college-going culture is the primary task of an elementary School Counselor. Inspiring students to reach higher for their education at every level supports a foundation of college and career ready attitudes that positively affect student aspirations.

This also includes necessary academic supports to ensure students meet benchmarks for the next grade level.

Identifying areas of academic support early on is imperative to prevent frustration, lack of motivation, and disengagement. Confidence and support within an academic setting coupled with a strong college-going culture will ensure our students are set-up for success.

Middle Programming

Middle schools have access to updated Advisory lessons supporting student social/emotional, academic and career growth and identity development. Approximately 50% of these lessons discuss academic and career development through interactive activities, interest inventories, and goal setting.

Each middle school counselor has access to soft skills (or employability skills) curriculum, Skills to Pay the Bills from the U.S. Department of Labor, for use with student small groups or modified for classroom lessons. Soft skills support student preparedness for high school, higher education, and the job world.

High Programming

Each high school houses a College & Career Readiness Counselor (CCRCs) on their Professional School Counseling team.

CCRCs are responsible for providing direct services to students during the college and career planning and research process. CCRCs maintain career centers which provide information related to college and careers, financial aid, entrance exams, and more. CCRCs work within their school’s Counseling Department to support the mission, vision, and goals of their high school. CCRCs are also encouraged to support feeder schools, K-8 with relevant programming.

One-Stop Scholarship Listing

Head to Scholarship Listings to access a Google Sheet featuring local, statewide, regional, and national scholarships, as well as scholarship search engines.

The listing, compiled in 2018, and is updated frequently to provide a “one-stop” for all students in their search for financial support during their post-secondary training.

  • High School Counselors, CCRCs and approved community organizations can submit scholarship information.
  • Students and other users can bookmark the Google Sheet, and download a copy of the sheet to their desktop for reference.