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Student Wellness

The Wellness unit consists of a Wellness Coordinator who provides leadership and management for the improvement, implementation, and evaluation of our district wellness policy. It also includes the following services and programs:

Why Coordinated School Health?

A coordinated, comprehensive approach to creating health-promoting schools provides a framework for developing and strengthening practices to address the health-related issues that can be barriers to learning and student success.

New Mexico and federal laws now call on every school district to have a policy and plan to address the wellness needs of students and staff. Our local school wellness policy is an important tool to promote wellness through improvements in school and district programs, practices and environment. Our district wellness plan supports all the interconnected components of coordinated school health: Wellness Yucca

  • Family, School & Community Partnership
  • Physical Education and Activity
  • Health Education
  • Nutrition
  • Healthy & Safe Environment
  • Social & Emotional Well-Being
  • Health Services
  • Staff Wellness

Successful district-wide wellness implementation requires working collaboratively with departments, schools and the community. This presents a golden opportunity to get involved at the district and/or local school level. APS has an active district School Health Advisory Council and subcommittees working on specific projects. In addition, each school has a designated wellness committee responsible for school-wide wellness.

What are New Mexico's state requirements for school wellness?

The New Mexico Public Education Department sets the wellness policy that APS follows:

NMPED Wellness Policy Guidance and Resources

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