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Access resources for starting a garden and developing outdoor classrooms and learning spaces.


School Gardens in Yellow (COVID-19):

Schools deciding to bring back students on campus is a school-by-school decision. If your school is seeking support with bringing small groups of students safely into the garden, please contact .

Page 95 of the APS Instructional & Operational Re-entry Plan states that volunteers are allowed on campus to support "campus clean up projects conducted when students are not present" including the care of school gardens (maintenance, watering, re-planting).

Non-APS employees wanting to access school gardens as volunteers should request permission from the principal and/or the school's volunteer coordinator.

If you have any further questions or need for support, please reach out to the APS School Garden Specialist by emailing

COVID Resources for School Gardens:

Guidelines for COVID-Safe Gardening & Outdoor Learning - Instructional Video from Grow the Future International District, Together for Brothers 

New Mexico Outdoor Learning Guidance from EENM - NMPED Guidance for 2020-2021 School Re-entry Document 

FACTS about outdoor transmission of COVID 19 Nissa Patterson, MPH

COVID-Safe Gardening Guidelines for School & Community Gardens Document

ABQ Schools & Community Gardens Map - Map of other Albuquerque Public School Gardens, Community Gardens and small urban farms Albuquerque area 

Monthly APS School Garden Newsletter Archive  - Past newsletters including school garden highlights, announcements, & resources 

School Garden Resource Binder - Archive of local, national, & international resources:

  • Lesson plans, curriculum, and instructional videos
  • Gardens by Month - seasonal quick guide 
  • Where to get materials
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Places to visit in ABQ & local presenters to invite to your class
  • Topics related to gardening, agriculture, STEM, art, & culture

ABQ Gardens by Month - a seasonal, quick guide to planning, planting, maintenance and water for school gardens

Request Help with School Garden or Outdoor Learning Space - Fill out this form to request a site visit with the APS Garden Specialist 

APS School Garden Manual (PDF) - Growing the Outdoor Classroom - A Handbook for Gardening in Albuquerque Public Schools 

Albuquerque Soil and Mulch Resources and Process for Delivery to APS (Word)

Community Event Planning Guide (PDF)



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