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How do I get help?

Students Coming to School

Every Day Matters!

Attendance Myths

  • Only unexcused absences are a problem
  • Attendance only matters in older grades
  • Missing classes or days every so often does not affect learning

There are many reasons for absences and we are here to help.

  • Illness
  • Lack of health or dental care
  • Trauma
  • No safe path to school
  • Transportation issues
  • Homelessness or housing instability 
  • Academic struggles
  • Struggling socially
  • Bullying or conflict with peers or adults
  • Undiagnosed disability
  • No meaningful relationships with adults in school
  • Discouraged due to lack of credits or poor grades

Who can help when my child's absence is a...

  • classroom issue? Contact the teacher.
  • social emotional issue? Contact the school counselor.
  • medical issue? Contact the school nurse or health assistant or other health care provider.

Contact your child's school.

The United Way of Central New Mexico offers a variety of Community Resources for children, youth, and families.