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Posted: September 25, 2018

Tres Volcanes K-8 Grand Opening

On September 20, we opened the new Tres Volcanes K-8 Community Collaborative School. The New K-8 School alleviates elementary and middle school overcrowding in the Northwest quadrant of the District. This is a prototypical design like George I. Sanchez K-8 (opened in 2015), that moves beyond the traditional isolated classroom toward small collaborative learning environments mentorship and community building between different grade levels. The Kindergarten through 8th grade facility shares a gym, kitchen/cafeteria, and multimedia center. The capacity of the NW K-8 will comfortably serve 1,450 Students, and can accommodate up to 1,600 Students with growth.

Tres Volcanes K-8 consisting of 26,407 square feet  
      64 Classrooms
      Shared Gym, Kitchen/Cafeteria, and Multi-Media Center
      Specialized collaborative learning spaces for each grade level
      Target Silver LEED Certification


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