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Posted: September 4, 2018

La Cueva HS opens ISP Wing & Title IX Gym

On August 23, we opened the new La Cueva HS Intensive Support Programs addition. The project consol­idates special needs classrooms and support spaces at La Cueva, accommodating the needs of students, teachers, and staff in appropriately sized/equipped spaces. This project also includes a PE addition with upgrades. The new gym addition provides safe, equitable spaces for PE programs and meet Title IX requirements of equal access to facilities.

Special Needs Intensive Support wing consisting of 26,407 square feet  
  • 9 Specialized ISP Classrooms
  • 1 Sensory Classroom
  • 1 OT/PT Classroom
  • 1 Life Skills Classroom
  • Sheltered enclosed outdoor learning area
  • Restrooms
  • Offices for ISP ancillary support staff
Athletic Area Interior Renovation consisting of 5,809 square feet  
  • New Appropriately sized weight room
  • Renovated existing weight room into Multi-purpose PE space
  • Upgrades in both boys’ and girls’ locker room areas
  • Create 4 separate shower rooms
  • 40 New lockers in both boys’ and girls’ locker rooms

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