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2022 Legislative Agenda

Albuquerque Public Schools
Board of Education
Legislative Agenda 2022

A Sufficient Education is not just sufficient funding.

A Sufficient Education includes things such as: quality programs, qualified staff, student enrichment, experiential learning, equitable access, adequate infrastructure, updated technology, high academic expectations, college and career readiness, and culturally and linguistically responsive materials and curriculum.

Staffing has reached critical levels of need.

Staffing for a sufficient education requires an urgent response. Schools need highly trained and highly qualified educators, professionals, and support staff. The New Mexico Legislature is encouraged to seek supplemental funding and structures that articulates both short and long-term strategies for a professional workforce and to address the staffing crisis especially with our lowest paid employees. No school can open without its essential workers. Resources should align to policies and funding to both retain and attract a workforce dedicated to New Mexico’s students and to improve educational outcomes in New Mexico.

Extended learning time is not just additional days.

>Increased instructional learning opportunities for a sufficient education can and should be locally designed. Sufficient funding from the Legislature is successful when it results in increased instructional learning time, not just increased funding. Communities can implement research-based practices that excite and engage student learning and invigorate our educators and staff. Increased instructional time should acknowledge the need for increased student learning time, restructured student learning experiences, and embedded time for educator professional development. Increasing time without changing the days or improving teacher quality is not a sufficient education. 

Educational programming is in the midst of reform.

Educational programming in a sufficiently funded school offers each student rigorous coursework, social-emotional supports, experiential learning, internships, college and career readiness, bilingual and dual language education, personalized educational pathways, and culturally and linguistically responsive curriculum and materials. Additionally, the pandemic exacerbated the need for technology tools, up-to-date facilities and infrastructure, improved transportation systems, community school frameworks, whole child supports, and social-emotional learning.

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