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2020 Legislative Agenda

Albuquerque Public Schools
2020 Legislative Agenda

Continuing Themes for Education Policy

Albuquerque Public Schools continues to support legislation that improves schools and that also values and supports all mandates with full funding, local control, and sufficient funding for district and school operations. Albuquerque Public Schools is committed to improving education for all students per the findings in the Yazzie/Martinez decision.

Budget Priorities

For the 2020 Legislative Session, which is the 30-day, budget session, Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education seeks funding to support our goals for improved student outcomes across our district and the state. Two priorities in our legislative agenda include operational flexibility for extended learning programs and funding for school safety and security.

Operational Flexibility for Extended Learning and K5 Plus Programs

Albuquerque Public Schools supports operational flexibility to implement our locally-grown, research and evidence-based programs for extended learning. We believe our requests for operational flexibility align with the legislative intent for improved student outcomes, but it would also allow us to reach more students, serve the local needs of each school community, provide a paradigm shift for professional development and reimagine the school experience for students. Albuquerque Public Schools wants to do more than add additional days to the school calendar; we want to reimagine the school experience and enrichment for students and make a big step forward on improving educational outcomes for our district, which represents almost 25 percent of the students in our state. The APS school restructuring work provides a framework and evidence for the supports schools need and we seek to broaden our commitment for this extended and enriched learning model through sustainable funding.

Funds for Security and Safety

School security is a nationwide concern. Like most schools across our state and country, our buildings need updates to be equipped as safe places for our students. The matching formulas for state funds that could provide upgrades to safety and security in our schools inhibit the ability of many districts to quickly respond to this safety crisis and upgrade facilities. APS requests a reconsideration to state-matching fund guidelines as a short-term solution to upgrade all school facilities for safety and security.

General School Funding

Albuquerque Public Schools supports continued funding for New Mexico schools to provide all districts the power to make local decisions to achieve improved student outcomes. Albuquerque Public Schools supports legislation that aligns with our district budget priorities. Some educational initiatives, policies or programs we support and will prioritize through SEG and at-risk funding include:

  • Teacher residency programs through collaborations and partnerships
  • Mental health services and programs for students and staff
  • Social emotional supports for students and staff
  • Instructional materials in all classrooms with flexibility for purchasing culturally and linguistically responsive materials and funding for professional development for teachers to most effectively implement and use these resources in the classroom
  • Transportation for all students
  • ERB solvency that also supports effective classroom staffing and teacher retention and recruitment
  • College and Career Readiness, Career Technical Education
    • Programs
    • Equipment
    • Teacher licensure flexibility
  • School workforce pipeline, retention, recruitment, and professional development
    • Teachers
    • Other licensed providers
    • Educational assistants
    • Principal leadership
  • Community Schools
  • Salary increases and funding for all employees with flexible language that allows the district to focus on improving salaries of our lowest paid employees and hard-to-fill positions
  • Restorative practices
  • School security
  • Professional development for teachers to support time to incorporate into classroom work to directly impact students. Professional development particularly for use of instructional materials and social-emotional supports

Commitment to Equity

Albuquerque Public Schools is committed to leveraging state funding, particularly, at-risk funding, to close gaps in equity, opportunity and achievement. The goals of our Academic Master Plan include: early learning, college and career readiness, attention to the whole child, improved attendance and family and parent engagement. Our district funding and resource allocation is aligned to meet these goals and address the problems identified by the New Mexico Supreme Court in Yazzie/Martinez.