2019 Legislative Agenda

2019 Legislative Agenda

Albuquerque Public Schools believes that the development of educational policy and programs requires input from our school community stakeholders as well school board, district leadership, the Governor, the Legislature and Public Education Department. We believe the investment in our children benefits our entire community and the future of our state.

APS funds programs and resources for students according to need and priority. Our goals are driven by the needs and input of our community. We believe the time of insufficiently funding schools is coming to a close in New Mexico. We look forward to a new day in education in New Mexico where local school districts receive sufficient “above the line” funding. APS believes sufficient funding also should be sustainable funding.

APS created this legislative agenda through collaborative conversation to prioritize student need and align resources to support our Academic Master Plan. We know how to direct funds to serve our students, communities and schools.

With sufficient funding APS can prioritize programs and resources such as the following:

  • Instructional materials
  • Reduced class sizes
  • Employee salary improvements
  • Teacher pathway programs
  • Early childhood (PreK)
  • Community schools coordinators
  • Art and music every year in elementary schools
  • Social-emotional support and services for students
  • Programs for systems-involved youth
  • New Mexico studies
  • Career and technical education programs and infrastructure
  • School security and safety
  • Special education funding
  • Culturally relevant curricular support
Above-the-line funding is an important step toward true sufficient funding. Sufficient funding also signals trust in local school  districts and school boards to serve their communities and be responsive to the unique needs of local communities and schools.


APS welcomes both the support and oversight of New Mexico government and the Public Education Department but seeks a commitment to work together to create      systems that build collaboration and methods to acknowledge school progress. We desire a collaborative stakeholder approach to redesign school grading and teacher evaluation.

We believe the 2019 session is a time to roll back some of the rules, testing, school restructuring and below-the-line funding measures that undermine local control.

APS supports sufficient funding and local control as mechanisms to address matters of urgency, such as culturally responsive curriculum and materials, including courses, instructional materials, professional development, and training.