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Clothing Bank Request Form

Use this form to request basic needs from the APS Community Bank for students in need at your school.

To Be Completed by APS School Staff Only


  • Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.  A request form is required for each student. 
  • After the request is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation at the email address provided in the form. 
  • If you do not receive an email confirmation or the request form has errors, please do not submit a duplicate request.  Call 505.248.1873 or  

How Students and Families Can Request Assistance

Students and their family members in need can contact their school counselor, nurse, or social worker to request assistance. Visit the School Directory to find your school's contact information.


The APS Clothing Bank will be accept referrals from traditional schools until May 17 and from TOPS schools until May 24.  For more information, please call 505-248-873 or email: