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How funding for Program of Study works.

How does Funding fit in with Program of Study?

 Funding Umbrella

The left hand column above lists the various sources of funding including Perkins, Next Gen, Region D, other grants (ESSR - NT), capital, operational, legislative, etc.

The main sources of funding are Perkins (Federal), Next Gen (State), and Region D.  Their economic priorities are as outlined in the chart below.

Economic Priorities In New Mexico - Venn Diagram

Highlights of the funding process for teachers . . .

  • Teachers of Programs of Study courses are sent the Perkins and Next Generation Grant teacher applications for the next school year starting in April each year with a deadline to complete and return in May in order to be included in the APS application. 
  • The grant expires on June 30th of each year, then PED begins grant implementation July 1st of each year.
  • Teachers are then requested  to turn in Perkins and Next Gen Program Of Study  final budgets with quotes and pre-approval forms to Tori no later than August 26th.  These are built from the applications submitted in May.
  • At the end of August and into September grant money and operational funds are distributed and teachers receive their award letters as notification.
  • Please have your purchases received and documentation of their receipt to CTE right after you receive them so that your purchase order(s) can be closed as completed.

Tips for teachers:

  • If you know of a grant you want to apply to, let’s collaborate and get it written! 

  • Everything you need is on the CTE shared drive. Some processes have changed.

    • Travel: alcohol cannot be on a receipt that is turned in for reimbursement.
    • Stipends: All stipends are $1500 if included in the POS budget.
    • Hourly pay: talk to Tori and Abby to get the go ahead and a time card set up. 
  • Email Tori if you do not have access to the APS CTE Shared Drive. 
  • Look for deadlines for stipend and time card submissions.