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Quick Facts

Albuquerque Public Schools Capital Master Plan facilitates, projects, plans, and funds all educational and information technology facilities and equipment for Albuquerque Public Schools. Albuquerque Public Schools is the 34th largest school district in the nation, serving 83,000 students, with over 12,000 employees on 1,230 square miles.

Physical Assets

Schools located within the District boundary include:

  • 88 Elementary
  • 27 Middle
  • 13 High
  • 2 K-8
  • 16 Schools of Choice
  • 29 APS-Authorized Charter Schools and 27 State-Authorized Charters Schools

The District includes all or portions of the following jurisdictions:

  • Bernalillo County
  • Sandoval County
  • City of Albuquerque
  • Village of Corrales
  • Village of Los Ranchos De Albuquerque
  • Village of Tijeras
  • Village of San Antonito
  • Village of Edgewood
  • Sandia Pueblo
  • Laguna Pueblo
  • Tojajillee
  • Isleta Pueblo
  • Chilili

Map of Albuquerque Public Schools Districts

New School Construction

APS spends up to $300 million dollars per year on new construction, renovations, repairs, and technology. Over the past 5 years Capital Master Plan has added:

  • 2 new K-8 schools
  • 3 Elementary School Rebuilds
  • 15 Elementary School Classroom Block Replacements
  • 5 Middle School Classroom Block Replacements
  • 10 High School Classroom Block Replacements 
  • 2 New Schools of Choice
  • 3 Charter School New Classroom Blocks
  • New Special Education & Alternative Education Complex
  • New Professional Development and District Training Center

Instructional Direction

All Capital Master Plan initiatives are driven by instructional priorities, plus underlying health and safety considerations for students, teachers, and staff.

Special Education Projects

Over the last six years, APS Capital Master Plan has facilitated the design and construction of Special Education Intensive Support Programs (ISP), like the Rio Grande Hub and Highland Autism School. Capital Master Plan also facilitates the design and construction of Special Education PreK hubs and Special Education diagnostician centers at ten sites districtwide, at a cost of over ten million dollars. To improve provision of ISP, the District is designing/planning for up to four ISP hubs to be located at designated high schools by quadrant around the District. This initiative will see major improvements in the quality of service provision for students with intense disabilities as well as improved cost efficiency to the District and taxpayers to service this high-needs population.

Early Childhood

Since 2006, APS Capital Master Plan has facilitated the design and construction of specialized Kindergarten classrooms at seventy-five elementary schools at the cost of more than 100 million dollars. The District is currently planning for provision of comprehensive universal Early Childhood Education for 3- and 4-year-olds in the next few years. This is a major initiative akin to policy changes that were enacted eight years ago for provision of the highly successful full-day kindergarten program (currently enrolls over 7,000 Kindergarten students districtwide).

Design for a specialized prototype early childhood facility has been funded and is underway. This facility will serve up to 400 students and up to 10 are envisioned throughout the district over the next 6 – 8 years

Provision of Early Childhood Education will draw upon high levels of coordination between the District, the City of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, non-governmental service providers, and Federal agencies aiming to provide comprehensive universal high-quality education and wrap-around services to early childhood students. There are currently over 14,000 3- and 4-year-olds in the district of which 2,000 are already served by existing APS district programs and an additional 400 are served by a mix of City of Albuquerque and some non-governmental early childhood services providers.

APS Choices

APS has dedicated an excess of forty million dollars to charter school construction districtwide. Another forty million dollars of mill levy taxes is scheduled to be directly handed over to all Bernalillo County charter schools in 2017. In the Fall of 2013, three additional high school programs were added to APS choices: College and Career High School, a dual-credit school located on the Central New Mexico (CNM) campus; a virtual high school located at eCademy school; and an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program located at Sandia High School.

The District continues to build facilities critical to the success of District charter schools. APS recently completed new construction for Montessori of the Rio Grande Charter School and South Valley Academy High School. The District is currently constructing new educational facilities for Robert F. Kennedy Charter School.

Music & Fine Arts

Capital Master Plan dedicates over one million dollars a year to schools districtwide for the replacement and purchase of critical musical instruments and materials. Over the last ten years, Capital Master Plan has invested close to 200 million dollars in art and music facilities. This includes a specialized art & music classroom at eighty-nine elementary schools, art & music wings at all twenty-seven middle schools, and performing arts centers at all thirteen APS comprehensive high schools. Capital Master Plan is currently facilitating the design and construction of a district performing arts charter school that should be completed by Fall 2017.

Classroom Adequacy

Between 2006 and 2012, Capital Master Plan added five million square feet and renovated three million square feet of classrooms, labs, and other instructional spaces to facilitate aging infrastructure and overcrowding in parts of the district. Over the next six years, Capital Master Plan will continue to address the issue of aging infrastructure by planning and rebuilding all schools that are forty-five years or older.

Equity & Compliance

Capital Master Plan is currently in the process of addressing Title IX gender disparities by dedicating over fifty million dollars to the design, construction, and addition of physical education facilities at all comprehensive high schools. The community stadium that cost forty million dollars has complete gender equity. Milne and  Wilson stadiums are also addressing these issues. The APS soccer stadium complex, which costs five million dollars, is a gender-equitable facility.

Capital Master Plan also addresses American with Disabilities Act (ADA) issues by dedicating around one million dollars a year to identify ADA existing facility needs. All new classrooms and renovations are above ADA standards.

Instructional Technology

Capital Master Plan dedicates twelve million dollars a year in student computer device refresh. Ongoing adjustments to educational institution technology are addressed according to the district's needs.