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History of the Capital Master Plan

History of the Capital Master Plan



The APS Capital Master Plan (CMP) has guided APS capital improvement investments for the last 24 years. Since its adoption in 1990, the plan has directed over $4.58 billion of improvements in district facilities (as of SY 2022-23).

Every five years, Facility Assessments are conducted by licensed architects at all APS facilities. These Facility Assessments consist of an extensive technical needs assessment based on APS District and State of New Mexico Adequacy Standards.  Assessments are completed by an independent, architectural consultant. A licensed architect inspects each site and consults with the principal and/or school custodian, in order to identify all pertinent facility issues, document facility conditions and any significant defects, and compile a comprehensive, qualitative facility summary.  Each summary consists of a Site Assessment, Building and Facility Assessment, and Adequacy and Environment report.

The purpose of the Facility Assessments is to ensure that the APS District is investing its budget properly and based on need.  Schools with the greatest facility needs are prioritized in the Capital Master Plan.