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Released Items 2018

PARCC Released Items 2018

ELA 2018 grades 3-8 items will be available mid-November.

High School 2018 items will be available February 2019.

Grade 3 Grade 3 Math Items (PDF) Grade 3 Math Key (PDF)
Grade 4 Grade 4 Math Items (PDF) Grade 4 Math Key (PDF)
Grade 5 Grade 5 Math Items (PDF) Grade 5 Math Key (PDF)
Grade 6 Grade 6 Math Items (PDF) Grade 6 Math Key (PDF)
Grade 7 Grade 7 Math Items (PDF) Grade 7 Math Key (PDF)
Grade 8 Grade 8 Math Items (PDF) Grade 8 Math Key (PDF)
Algebra I Algebra I Items (PDF) Algebra I Key (PDF)
Geometry Geometry Items (PDF) Geometry Key (PDF)
Algebra II Algebra II Items (PDF) Algebra II Key (PDF)