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Festival de Bellas Artes

A production of Albuquerque Public Schools Fine Arts and the National Hispanic Cultural Center

2020 Performance Dates

  • Tuesday, Feb. 25 for Elementary
  • Wednesday, Feb. 26 for Elementary, Middle, and High with optional Evening Performance
  • Thursday, Feb. 27 for Elementary with Evening Performance
  • Friday, Feb. 28 Middle and High School Only with Evening Performance


For information about the Festival de Bellas Artes, contact:

Anne Marie Strangio

(505) 848-9409

Ashley Griego

(505) 872-6872

About Festival de Bellas Artes

A multi-cultural festival of music and dance for Albuquerque area schools.

Festival de Bellas Artes was created to nurture skill and appreciation for multicultural music and dance among the youth of Albuquerque. This annual festival celebrates and honors students’ cultures, and motivates and rewards students who have worked hard to develop their artistic ability throughout the school year. Through performances and workshops, it is our hope that students leave the festival with a broader understanding of the world and its artistic styles, and the inspiration to reach for even higher levels of artistry.

In addition to preserving and promoting the cultural art forms of Folklorico and Mariachi, the event celebrates diversity of all kinds and strives to broaden the artistic experience of the participants through exposure to a wide variety of styles. African dance and drumming, Taiko, Middle Eastern dance, Flamenco and hip hop are just a few of the styles that students have enjoyed through the years.

Festival de Bellas Artes is a partnership between Albuquerque Public Schools, the National Hispanic Cultural Center, and local students.


Register online using the registration forms below. The registration fee is $35 for APS public schools and $50 for charter and private schools. 

Where to send registration fees

Registration fees can be submitted by check or P.O. and should be made out to NHCCF — FDBA

  • If sending via APS inter-school mail, send to Ashley Griego, City Center, C&I 500W
  • If sending via U.S. Mail, send to Ashley Griego, Curriculum & Instruction, 6400 Uptown Blvd. NE, 5th Floor West, Albuquerque NM 87110

Register School Performance Groups

Elementary Schools, Daytime Only, NO Evening Performance, 2/25/19

  • Elementary Schools
  • Tuesday, Feb. 25
  • FULL: Registration for Tuesday, February 25 is closed. Please contact us for information, or to edit your registration information.

Elementary/Middle/High Schools, Daytime with Optional Evening Performance, 2/26/19

  • Elementary, Middle, and High Schools
  • Wednesday, Feb. 26
    • FULL: Registration for Wednesday, Feb. 26 is closed. Please contact us for information, or to edit your registration information

Elementary AND MS/HS Registration for Daytime PLUS Evening Performance, 2/27/19 and 2/28/19

Elementary Schools:

Middle and High Schools:

  • Friday, Feb. 28
  • FULL: Registration for Friday, Feb. 28 is closed. Please contact us for information, or to edit your registration information


Mission Statement

The Festival de Bellas Artes exists for students to express their cultures, grow pride in their ability to share through music and dance, and learn about other cultural art forms from other students and master teachers. Young people get to experience themselves as artists at varying stages of ability; from beginning elementary students exploring and experiencing this process for the first time, to advanced musicians and dancers who are mastering their craft. Students engage in the creative process from exploration, to inception, to performance, in a supportive and appreciative community of fellow students, teachers, and professional artists.

Festival De Bellas Artes