Language Arts

Children's Literature and Fine Arts
DRAMA Games and Strategies that teach Language Arts SKILLS
Be-Bop Express (book)
Rhythmic reading and moving with jazz language
Shape Vocabulary
A kinesthetic way to reinforce vocabulary
Reinforce vocabulary (verbs) through movement
Spelling with a Twist
Ramp up spelling drills with these kinesthetic activities
Ideas on how to use puppets with stories
Group Juggle
Great drama name game. Good for focus and concentration.
Mountain Pose
Good to get students to a neutral body position. Great for focus.
Wolf! Readers' Theatre Lesson
This lesson is a nice framework for work with any readers' theatre script, but is specific to Wolf! from Treasures, Grade 3, Unit 1.
This Scene Needs a...
Drama game to check comprehension of text!
Harvest Soup
Drama game to review vocabulary and to build focus and listening skills.
What Are You Doing?
Drama game using pantomime and to engage cross-brain connections.
Skeleton Hiccups
Narrative Pantomime with a fun seasonal (Halloween) tale.
Snowflake Bentley
A tableaux slide show of the scenes from the book Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin
VOTE! Readers' Theatre
Readers' theatre lesson and voting. Inspired and adapted from Treasures, Grade 5
Your Vote Your Voice
Readers' theatre script inspired from Treasures, Grade 5
Women and the Vote
Readers' theatre script about the 19th Amendment
A Winter Pantomime
Dramatize the coming of winter with K-2 students and the book Is That you, Winter by Stephen Gammell! This lesson was presented in an ARTS Center workshop on Dec 5th--a real wintery day!