APS follows the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. In addition to implementing the Common Core State Standards, teachers should focus on the instructional shifts for math.

  • Math instruction should focus on fewer topics, but focus deeply on grade level skills. Learning opportunities should allow students to link topics and thinking across grade levels and build upon skills learned in previous years.
  • And, students should demonstrate a conceptual understanding of math concepts, and apply math skills fluently and across a variety of situations.
  • Additionally, teachers should apply the Standards for Mathematical Practices to help students develop the processes and proficiencies necessary to be successful in mathematics.

Adopted Curriculum

APS’s adopted curriculum for math in grades K-5 is Origo Stepping Stones. Visit the Origo website for more information about Stepping Stones. For a 30- day free trial of Stepping Stones or for teacher login, visit

Origo supports teachers and parents with weekly one-minute training videos. To access these resources, visit the Origo One YouTube Channel.

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