APS follows the Common Core State Standards for literacy. In addition to implementing the Common Core State Standards, teachers should focus on the instructional shifts for language arts.

  • Teachers should provide time to practice with complex text and academic language.
  • Learning opportunities should allow for reading, writing, and speaking grounded in evidence from texts, both literary and informational.
  • And, students should be immersed in information about the world around them and build knowledge through content-rich non-fiction.

Adopted Curriculum

Most APS schools K-5 currently use Treasures Reading for English Language Arts and Tesoros for Spanish Language Arts. For more information on Treasures or Tesoros, please visit the McGraw-Hill Treasures website.

A small number of schools use StoryTown and Villa Cuentos published by Harcourt. The Harcourt website provides an overview of these programs.

All K-5 schools have access to Fundations, which is a supplemental core program in grades K-2 which is a multisensory early literacy program that focuses on phonemic awareness, phonics/word study, high-frequency word study, reading fluency, vocabulary, comprehension strategies, handwriting, and spelling. Visit the Wilson Language website for more information about Fundations.