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Staff listed by employee, with email address and phone number.
Employee Contact Information
Dr. Madelyn Serna Marmol
Assistant Superintendent of Equity, Instruction, and Support
Veronica Pino
Executive Administrative Assistant
Aimee Milazzo
Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Gina Dugger
Executive Administrative Assistant
Ashley Griego
Jami Jacobson
Senior Director of Elementary Learning
Sandra Davis
Administrative Assistant
Matthew Lindsey
Senior Director of Secondary Learning
Susana Stanojevic
Instructional Manager - STEM, Discovery Education, PE, Health
Keith Flowers
Resource Teacher - ES SAT Liaison, ST Math Support
Davina Turner
Resource Teacher - Secondary ELA
Heather Dadey
Resource Teacher - MS/HS/APS Charter SAT Liaison, Read 180 Support
Lanny Leyba
Special Projects Coordinator
Vince Case
Environmental Education Teacher - SMNHC
Steven Henley
Environmental Education Teacher - SMNHC
Susanna Sprague Harris
Clerk - SMNHC
Carla Cano
Elementary Summer School Program Manager
Charmaine Sanchez
Elementary Summer School Specialist
Laura Valdez
Secondary Summer Program Instructional Manager
Janet Walters
Secondary Summer Learning Specialist