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CCSS Internet Resources

Websites with more information and resources for Common Core State Standards.


The official website of the CCSS initiative.


This website will function as the online clearinghouse of information for Students, Parents, Teachers and Administrators interested in the New Mexico Common Core State Standards, providing useful resources, access to statewide communications and links to primary sources.


PARCC is a 19-state consortium working together to develop next-generation K-12 assessments in English and math.


EngageNY is an evolving, collaborative platform for educators, specifically those of New York State. There are many wonderful resources available on this site.


At the 1996 National Education Summit a bipartisan group of governors and corporate leaders decided to create and lead an organization dedicated to supporting standards-based education reform efforts across the states. To do so, they formed Achieve as an independent, bi-partisan, non-profit education reform organization.


It is the special mission of America’s urban public schools to educate the nation’s most diverse student body to the highest academic standards and prepare them to contribute to our democracy and the global community.