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Engaging our Community in Shared Effort

In order to Engage our Community in Shared Effort, we will ensure partnerships by:

    • developing relationships with like-suited organizations, harvest best practices and seek support for all children
    • establishing and implementing strategies at schools to show appreciation for family engagement and value diverse family contributions
    • increasing opportunities for collaboration and involvement by the community in schools
    • creating programs to support learning for families and other adults
    • increasing effective parent involvement
    • ensuring that all schools are safe and welcoming places for parents
    • collaborating with the community to ensure student success

Community Communication

Provide Parents with Information

Visit the APS Parent site >>

Ongoing Efforts

    • Enabling all families’ access to the district’s instructional management system to view student data on tests, textbooks and other learning materials
    • Inviting parents to participate in online forums with other parents, teachers, students and administrators
    • Delivering information to parents and the community on student progress through a web-based portal program, the APS website and periodic reports.
    • Maintaining a website with bullying prevention information for children, parents, and staff.

Immediate Action Steps

    • 2.7: Increase communication between teachers and families about student’s academic and socioemotional progress by improving the effectiveness of parent conferences and advisory classes.

Provide Access to Information in Other Languages

Ongoing Efforts

    • Providing translation services to non-English speakers for all communications
    • Supplying  translation and/or interpretation services for all family engagement activities
    • Creating and posting signage in multiple languages that direct parents and visitors to a central location for information

General Communication

Ongoing Efforts

    • Developing venues in the various school communities to gather family input, share information and facilitate interactive communication
    • Using multiple communication tools on a regular basis to interface with families

Community Relationships

Building Relationships

Visit the Student, Family, and Community Support website >>

Ongoing Efforts

    • Recruiting and engaging parents as valued partners at all school sites through family engagement, volunteer and community school programs
    • Assisting parents and family members in connecting with programs and resources within the community that provide support and other needed services
    • Involving families in collaborative decision-making on instructional processes and issues, district and school policies, and larger school reform efforts

Support Schools in Connecting with Families

Visit the Schools and Community Partnerships department website >>

Ongoing Efforts

    • Providing assistance to schools to develop and implement their family engagement and partnership plan
    • Implementing a 5-Year Plan to improve Advisor/ Parent Conferences
    • Providing both informal and structured opportunities at schools for families and school staff to share information
    • Providing monthly safety columns that can be included in school newsletters
    • Promoting the establishment of a Family Engagement Council at every school
    • Encouraging staff to engage in neighborhood activities that foster relationship building
    • Developing professional development for all principals and teachers around data proven strategies and models for family engagement/partnerships

External Partnerships

Ongoing Efforts

    • Cultivating post-secondary partnerships to provide professional development for staff and increased academic opportunities for children
    • Partnering with City of Albuquerque child development programs and YDI Head Start
    • Collaborating with businesses, faith-based and community organizations and developing school-to-career opportunities that connect children to apprenticeships, internships, shadowing and mentorships that can lead to future employment
    • Increasing child and family access to a system of social, guidance and health services by partnering with district and external organizations

Immediate Action Steps

    • 3.1: Collaborate with CNM to design online and dual credit courses; priority courses include fourth-year math courses geared for Special Education and ELL children. Approved CNM Dual Credit Courses

Community Education

Family and Community Education

Ongoing Efforts

    • Training families to effectively negotiate and advocate for their children, schools, and district
    • Increasing pre-kindergarten preparedness by teaching parents of infants and toddlers to about early language development and socialization
    • Providing children and families with information on post-secondary options
    • Training and coaching parents and community partners in the Nurtured Heart Approach
    • Training parents and community on parent-student-teacher communication about student progress
    • Creating a Parent University which offers courses in parenting skills, early childhood literacy, adult literacy and GED preparation