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Closing the Achievement Gap and Educating all Children to High Standards - Remaining Accountable to The Academic Plan

In order to ensure that we remain accountable to our plan, we will:

    • make sound educational decisions based on data by identifying best practices that increase student achievement and improve operations across the district
    • use appropriate evaluation tools and systems to ensure adult responsibility
    • monitor and report school and district progress to constituents
    • commit to increasing student achievement through a standards-based learning environment supported by a system of continuous improvement

Student Achievement

Measure Student Progress with Assessments

Ongoing Efforts

    • Using Teacher Design Teams to create and distribute common formative and benchmark assessments, rubrics and protocols
    • Strategically designing assessments to clearly demonstrate the Depth of Knowledge (DoK) required of students
    • Identifying and using formative assessments and year-end summative assessments for grades 3-12
    • Implementing the new Common Core Standards Based Assessment for all children

Stakeholder Information

Report Specific Information to Stakeholders

Ongoing Efforts

    • Regularly presenting outcome data to the school board and APS leadership to facilitate sustainability conversations.
    • Producing quarterly reports to monitor academic progress
    • Designing tools to assess individual school processes on engaging and partnering with families to develop relationships and build capacity
    • Monitoring the implementation of bullying prevention through counselor supervision and data collection
    • Quarterly monitoring of SLC implementation at each school site
    • Conducting periodic monitoring of teacher/mentor interaction and contact log
    • Providing principals and associate superintendents with reports on AIP and SAT implementation by school

Data Systems and Processes

Provide and Use Internal Data Systems and Processes  for Improvement

Ongoing Efforts

    • Adding critical KPIs to AIMS for principals, district leadership and teachers
    • Distributing periodic reports to school and district leadership on KPIs
    • Delivering reports to associate superintendents on implementation and effectiveness of programs/interventions
    • Analyzing data to identify individual, school, and district professional development needs
    • Identifying and applying research-based instructional resources and interventions

Immediate Action Steps

    • 2.12: Continue to monitor on track performance toward graduation.
    • 2.13: Early warning reports for fifth grade children going to sixth grade to support transition.
    • 5.4: Review effectiveness of diag role group.
    • 5.5: Assess the process currently in place for children entering APS schools from private psychiatric/mental health facilities; study other districts’ processes
    • 6.1: Continue to work with principals for understanding their school’s grade, points, growth, etc.
    • 6.2: Collaborate with schools to support their work and improving their grades; departments understanding of grades and how to support schools.
    • 6.3: Direct priority support to schools with D’s and F’s; attend PED workshops for information on how to support these schools plus any PED mandates/ requirements for working with D and F schools