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Closing the Achievement Gap and Educating all Children to High Standards - Providing an Educational Environment Where Children Focus on Learning

To provide an educational environment where children focus on learning, we will:

    • provide children an array of health, guidance, social services and co-curricular activities at all sites
    • provide all children a safe, drug-free, welcoming environment for their education

Student Health

Provide Coordinated Student Health Services

Learn more about Safe Schools, Healthy Students >>

Ongoing Efforts

    • Providing a culturally proficient school health model that builds on success and addresses barriers to learning, including behavioral health, substance abuse, nutrition, physical activity with attention to obesity/diabetes and district-wide positive behavior support
    • Providing comprehensive Nursing Services across the district
    • Designing a coordinated school wellness program for all schools
    • Sustaining support for pilot schools in coordinated school wellness program

Fight Substance Abuse

Learn more about fighting substance abuse >>

Ongoing Efforts

    • Providing early prevention/intervention substance abuse programs in all APS high schools
    • Sustaining the current Project Success/Crossroads Program at all high schools

Physical Safety

Maintain Physical Site Safety

Ongoing Efforts

    • Providing an orderly, safe, secure, and drug-free environment with a zero-tolerance policy and enforced code of conduct within each school
    • Ensuring that school facilities are inviting and well maintained, and have the necessary supplies, materials and resources to support and enhance quality teaching and learning
    • Distributing information on school safety programs, policies, and crisis management procedures through websites, training and ongoing consultation to staff, children, and parents
    • Providing ongoing training to APS SROs around school safety issues, deescalation and mediation. APS Police Department SROs

Behavioral Support

Provide Positive Behavior Support

Visit the Safe Schools website >>

Ongoing Efforts

    • Supporting and sustaining School-wide Positive Behavior Support (PBS) as the comprehensive behavior management framework
    • Evaluating the impact of PBS and modifying support according to the results
    • Providing technical assistance to all schools implementing PBS
    • Operationalizing a common discipline process across the district to ensure equity
    • Providing common definitions of behaviors and appropriate response to behaviors
    • Training school and district staff on behavioral interventions

Immediate Action Steps

    • 5.6: Professional development and study on behavior management in the classroom.

Prevent Bullying

Visit the Bullying Prevention website >>

Ongoing Efforts

    • Helping children learn to handle their differences and disputes by implementing a conflict resolution curriculum (Bullying Prevention Programs and Positive Behavior Supports)
    • Training all principals and designated staff in bullying prevention/intervention procedures
    • Providing small group and classroom guidance on bullying prevention
    • Sustaining a comprehension Pre-K-12 Bullying prevention curriculum in all schools
    • Providing professional development on evidence-based bullying prevention programs
    • Maintaining a website with bullying prevention information for children, parents, and staff.