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Performance Framework for High Quality Schools

An APS defined and developed Performance Framework for articulating holistic school performance.

Wreck-it Ralph says: There is no one I would rather be than me. I agree, signed, a second grader.Categories

  1. Culture and Climate
    • Parent Survey
    • Teacher Survey
    • Student Survey
  2. Growth and Achievement
    • Percentage of students improving on PARCC ELA
    • Percentage of students improving on PARCC Math
    • Percentage of students taking and passing Advanced Placement or Dual Credit classes
    • Four-year cohort graduation rate
    • Percentage of students in a cohort meeting CCR standards
  3. Student Engagement
    • Attendance
    • Truancy
    • Domain 3
    • Student Survey
  4. Parents and Community
    • Quality of Education survey results


The categories were developed as a result from all of the input and feedback from practitioners, community members and the design team. Each piece of feedback was read, categorized and titles for the categories developed.  The Office of Research and Accountability then determined where what tools we can use to determine baseline data.

Multi-tiered System of Support

A tiered system of support includes multi-entry points for district level support depending on the needs of the school.  Once baseline data for the Performance Framework is presented and analyzed, a system for provided resources and support will be developed based on the school area of need and/or concern as well as areas the Design Team and principals stated were necessary to include.