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How We Got Here

The Evolution of an Academic Master Plan

It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.

When former Superintendent Raquel Reedy took the reins in the fall of 2015, she set out to forge a clearer path for Albuquerque Public Schools. With a nod from the APS Board of Education, Supt. Reedy appointed a steering committee made up of district leaders to flesh out broad goals already outlined for the district:

  1. Goal 1: Early Literacy
  2. Goal 2: Career and College Readiness
  3. Goal 3: Developing the Whole Child
  4. Goal 4: Pathways to High Quality Schools

With input from practitioners, families and the public, the committee developed a list of shared principles and values that needed to be incorporated into the developing Academic Master Plan. Principles and values such as:

  • Safe schools
  • Whole child development
  • Quality teaching
  • Healthy, supportive relationships
  • Equitable access for all
  • Student voice, feedback and involvement
  • Innovative learning
  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum
  • Community and culturally responsive curriculum
  • Social and emotional growth
  • Authentic assessments
  • Open communication with parents and community

Once a clear direction emerged, the district again turned to stakeholders, this time by hosting several public forums where participants were asked to first develop a future graduate profile and then to consider what skills, attitudes and characteristics that graduate would need to be successful. With that criteria in mind, the conversation shifted to what schools and the district as a whole would need to do to help students reach that level of success.