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News from the Superintendent

Posted: May 15, 2020

Wrapping Up an Unusual School Year

A message to employees from Superintendent Raquel Reedy

May has always been one of my favorite months. After four decades in public education, I look forward to the milestones we reach and celebrate as the school year winds down. This year, clearly, is unlike any other experience, but it still feels familiar and promising.

The graduation season is always inspiring, and we expect that. What we didn’t expect were all the interruptions, especially those our seniors endured. Of course, I’ll remember the difficulty of grappling with the pandemic, but more than anything, I will cherish how we came together as a community for all our students -- seniors specifically. That’s what I mean when I say this season has been promising. Educators are creative by nature, but I was so impressed, proud, and happy to see the smorgasbord of festivities our high school staffers came up with to fill the commencement void. Hollywood A-listers, dignitaries and elected officials even showed up for our graduates in a video tribute just for them.

We’re accustomed to our seniors’ early exit, and soon the rest of us will follow for the summer. Again, in years gone by, we’ve packed up our classrooms and bid students and colleagues farewell for the summer, but not like this. While we spent the majority of the school year together in the only setting we’ve ever known, we’ll end it much differently, without knowing for sure how things will look in the fall.

Uncertainty is unsettling for everyone, but educators have an edge here. Our daily interactions with students have taught us how to be patient, cautious, and always hopeful. Remember that when you clean out your classrooms. The masks, gloves, and empty hallways may be novel to us all, but we are experts in adapting to all that’s new and challenging.

While school staff breaks for summer, district administrators will be planning and working on the mammoth end of year chore that has to be wrapped up soon -- the district’s budget. You’ll be receiving regular messages about that soon, but suffice to say the road ahead will be difficult.

Still, we have so much to be grateful for. Last year at this time, I was expecting my first grandchild. “Peanut,” as you know her, has been the light of our lives. One day I hope to tell her the tale of “APS and the Unprecedented Pandemic.” The end of the story has yet to unfold, but I know it will include the lesson that schools are communities, and we get things done together.

Enjoy the last official week of this most unusual school year!