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Posted: March 8, 2019

APS Open Book Podcast Features Superintendent

In her weekly message, Supt. Reedy writes about recording her first podcast.

I had a nice chat the other day with Mark Goodrum, a retired APS band director who spent three decades in our schools. We talked about all kinds of things: how I made the journey from small-town girl in Laredo, Texas, to big city college kid at Harvard University; my passion for public education; APS accomplishments under my leadership; challenges we face including misconceptions about the district; what’s in store for Albuquerque Public Schools; even about becoming a grandparent for the first time.

It felt like talking to an old friend. If it wasn’t for that microphone in front of my face, I would have forgotten that we were recording a podcast.

A podcast! I hadn’t even heard of that until recently. Maybe you haven’t either. A podcast is a digital audio file that you can download to your phone, iPad, computer or other digital devices and listen at your convenience. According to Apple, there are more than half a million podcasts out there in the digital universe that touch on every topic you can imagine from politics and current events to comedy, sports, crime and drama.

And education. Yes, APS has joined the fray with our very own monthly podcast. Called APS Open Book, the podcast is hosted by Mark Goodrum, an APS retiree with a gift for storytelling who is working in partnership with the APS Communications Office and the district’s radio station, KANW 89.1 FM to produce the podcast.

APS Open Book will focus on areas of public education that deserve conversation than a brief news story or web post can provide. As Mark explains in his introduction, “This is our chance to dig, get answers and become empowered to understand what it will take to move APS forward. I hope you’ll join the conversation.”

I do, too. 

Some of the topics to be tackled will be serious, like the premier podcast that focused on teen suicide. Others will be more light-hearted and fun. For example, as a retired music teacher, our podcast host wants to feature some of the talented musicians in our district as part of a lively discussion on the importance of fine arts education. Still, other topics are bound to be controversial like one planned on school safety.

Mark tells me he is open to suggestions, too. You can send him an email at

One of the best things about podcasts is their convenience. You can learn what’s going on in APS without having to attend a meeting! Listen at the gym, while you work around the house or in the yard, during your daily commute.

As you catch your breath during a well-deserved spring break, I hope you get a chance to give our podcast a listen. It is available on the Apple Podcast app, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube,, and I've posted the video version of the podcast featuring our conversation below if you want to see what it was like to record it.  

Relax, enjoy and see you when we get back!