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Posted: February 23, 2018

What #ADayInSchool Looks Like

About a month ago we asked our principals to share through social media what a day in their schools looks like. Nearly 5,000 tweets later, we have a pretty good idea.

  • It looks like reading challenges where students are surpassing their goals. 
  • It looks like collages and poetry and short stories and history lessons.
  • It looks like contraptions, catapults, robots and machines that demonstrate force and motion.
  • It looks like ecosystems, dissections, cell models, animal habitat dioramas. 
  • It looks like science fairs and the scientific method. (One of my favorite science tweets was from Janet Kahn where kindergarteners worked through the scientific method to see if they could put Humpty Dumpty together again. The conclusion: No, not even with glue sticks or Gorilla tape.)
  • It looks like dancing and singing and performing. 
  • It looks like planning and collaboration among teachers and schools, 90-day plans, instructional rounds, book studies, and before and after school gatherings.   
  • It looks like scholarship winners, college-signing days and awards for students with good grades, good attendance, good character.
  • It looks like computer coding, 4D models and all sorts of technology.
  • It looks like potato bowling, competitive bowling, wrestling, swimming, basketball, dance competitions and athletics of all sorts. 
  • It looks like kindness challenges. 
  • It looks like field trips and family nights and community events.
  • It looks like school spirit and dress-up days including Super Hero Day. Actually, that’s every day in Albuquerque Public Schools. The tweets are the evidence.

Nearly 90 of our schools – not to mention many, many teachers, coaches, staff members and parents – have been tweeting glimpses into what happens in our schools on a daily basis. It started as a social media campaign called #ADayInSchool that ran during the 2018 New Mexico Legislature to remind lawmakers who fund public education of the important work we do.

It turned into a celebration of our students, staff and schools. 

Because of this campaign, I was convinced to get my own Twitter account, @SuptABQschools. I’m trying to follow all of our schools and departments on Twitter (if I missed yours, let me know). Though I don't have a lot of time, I tweet when I can (and I do get a little help), and I sure love seeing what’s going on.

We put together a slideshow of just some of the pictures that were tweeted as part of the #ADayInSchool campaign. Take a few minutes to watch. I dare you not to smile. 

Thanks for all you do every single day in school.