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Posted: October 26, 2018


In her weekly message, Supt. Reedy says Americans shouldn't take our right to vote for granted.

Have you voted yet? For those of you who have, I thank you for fulfilling your civic duty.

If you haven’t cast your ballot yet, I encourage you to do so in the coming weeks. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6, but you can vote early at several locations around town. The Bernalillo County Clerk’s Office has a list of polling places as well as sample ballots for you to review.

As Americans, we shouldn’t take our right to vote for granted. As author Louis L’Amour put it, “To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain.”

A lot is at stake this election. We are choosing our governor, a U.S. senator, members of Congress and state legislators among others. These elected leaders will influence our daily lives. They will have a say in the future of our state and nation. They will affect the work we do as educators. 

I look forward to working with these elected officials on continuing to improve education and opportunities for all students in Albuquerque Public Schools and across the state. You have a say in who we will be working with on behalf of our students.

Politics can be contentious, especially these days. At times, it has been downright vitriolic. But that doesn’t lessen the value of your vote. In fact, I would argue that now more than ever your vote counts. 

I just hope we can keep this civil. We are, after all, role models to future voters in our classrooms and schools. While we may not always agree on the issues, we should respect and care for each other.

That’s the American way.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch this short clip from a mock presidential debate at Inez Elementary School six years ago.

How cute is that! Just think, those students are now a few years away from being able to vote themselves! Many of our high school seniors will cast ballots for the first time during this election. My hope for them and for all of our students is that they come to appreciate the value of their vote.

We can help. I myself will be taking part in a lesson on the role schools play in educating politically literate and civil students at the request of the members of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council (SuperSAC). This group of students representing all of our high schools specifically asked to learn more about their role in our democracy, so we have reached out to several scholars including some of our own teachers to lead this discussion in the days following the election. It should be both educational and enlightening! I’m looking forward to it.

We can also help in our role as voters. Wear your “I Voted” sticker with pride and let our students know that your voice, their voice, all of our voices, matter.

Thanks for voting!