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Posted: February 8, 2019

The Alice and Bruce King Educational Complex

In her weekly message, Supt. Reedy talks about student job shadowing at APS headquarters.

We had some very special visitors here at the APS administration building earlier this week. About 40 AVID students from Manzano and Highland high schools joined us as part of Groundhog Job Shadow Week. This program – sponsored by Junior Achievement, Mission: Graduate and United Way  – gives students an opportunity to observe and visit with professionals on the job.

We were thrilled to be among the businesses that participated this year, and hope to make it an annual tradition for APS. 

The students kicked off their visit with a presentation by Human Resources in which they learned a little about recruiting, applicant processing, benefits and wellness, risk management, labor relations, and employee relations. As they described their job duties, the presenters also mentioned their own education and professional experience. Each of them took a different path to their current career, exemplifying what a diverse, experienced workforce we have in Albuquerque Public Schools.

The students spent the rest of the morning rotating through eight departments – the APS Foundation, Curriculum & Instruction, Counseling, Equity & Engagement, Nursing, Coordinated School Health, Student Health & Life Skills and the Employee Assistance Program. 

It was an eye-opening experience. The students, like most people in Albuquerque, didn’t know much about the work that happens on a daily basis at the Alice and Bruce King Educational Complex, better known as City Centre. 

Students, schools and the people who work in them – teachers, principals, EAs – are, of course, at the heart of public education. But those school employees couldn’t get their job done without the people in this building. They are the backbone of this organization, and I was pleased to have these students get a glimpse of the important work they do.

Y ou wouldn’t have teachers in classrooms if you didn’t have Human Resources to hire them.

And I promise those teachers wouldn’t stay on the job long if there wasn’t a Payroll Department to make sure they get a paycheck every other week, or a Benefits Department to make sure they have health insurance.

City Centre houses the people who buy supplies and services for the district as well as those who pay the bills and balance the budget.

Many of the departments provide support for our students and school staff: Curriculum and Instruction, Counseling and Nursing Services, Special Education, Educational Technology, Athletics, Attendance Promotion and Truancy.

Others are here to support our families and community including the Student Service Center, Facility Rentals, Before and After School Programs.

Introducing our students to just a few of these jobs made me even more thankful for our central office employees who work long hours all year long, often without much recognition. If you are one of those employees, I want to take a moment to thank you for supporting our students and our schools. If you work in a school, next time you stop by City Centre, be sure and let the support staff know they are appreciated.