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Posted: February 6, 2019

Election Results

Superintendent Reedy reaches out to employees following the defeat of the APS mail-in ballot.

The sun came up this morning and students were in class learning. All was as it should be, despite the defeat of the APS mail-in election. We are disappointed, of course. But we respect the democratic process and the will of the electorate. 

And so, we carry on. 

The outcome of this election in no way changes our charge. It is a noble charge – the education and care of 84,000 students. We are as committed as ever to making sure that education is top-notch and affords each and every one of those students the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed.

We will work to keep our students and staff safe and comfortable. We will find ways to make sure they have access to the tools they need to teach and learn including technology and educational equipment.

We will treat this election as any good teacher treats a lesson that didn’t go well: review, adjust, adapt, revamp, rewrite and come up with a better plan for the next time.

The election results do present us with some challenges. Classrooms may be a little warmer or cooler than we’d like them to be. We may be forced to do a lot more patching than replacing in the coming years. 

We’ll push through and we’ll be OK because we understand the value of our work. We are responsible for Albuquerque’s children, its future. One defeat at the ballot box doesn’t change that. So keep doing what you’re doing. You are appreciated.