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Posted: April 2, 2019

APS is Looking at Lengthening the School Year

A message to the APS community from Superintendent Raquel Reedy.

Dear APS Community,

Sitting on the governor’s desk waiting for her signature is a bill that creates many changes to public education in New Mexico including an option to lengthen the school year by 12 full days as soon as next school year.

The bill isn’t law just yet, but we fully expect Gov. Lujan Grisham to sign the legislation as part of her pledge to improve public education in the state. That is why we are earnestly reviewing our options. 

School districts across the state will be competing for limited funds to pay for the longer school year. Some of that funding will go to salaries for teachers and school staff (this is in addition to the increase in teacher pay and 6 percent employee raises approved by the Legislature and awaiting the governor’s signature.) 

Preliminary student projections that determine how much money is needed to pay for a longer school year are due this week, and we are considering asking for enough funding to extend the school year across the district.    

Realistically, we know there is not enough money to extend the school year for all schools across the state; therefore, we are looking at the best way to implement this change so that it is fair and respectful and, most importantly, it best serves our students.

What that looks like has yet to be determined. There are countless issues to consider, and many hard choices to make. How will this affect family vacations, child care, summer jobs, summer school, athletics, extracurricular activities, staff professional development, contract negotiations?

How do we make sure we implement these changes equitably across the district? How do we assure that our most vulnerable students are provided every opportunity to succeed? How do we balance the needs of students, families, and staff?

All of these matters are being considered by district leaders who are working quickly but efficiently on a plan for the coming school year that is just a few months away.

We welcome public input as we go through this process. You may contact the APS Board of Education at, or you may submit comments, questions, and suggestions to the APS Budget Steering Committee. Because we are under such a time restraint, we ask that all comments and suggestions be submitted by April 12.  

We understand that a longer school year will have an impact on all of our students, families, staff and the community, and we owe it to you to provide as much information as we can as soon as we can. When we come up with a plan and a new 2019-2020 school calendar for many if not all of our schools, we promise to share it with you.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience. Your thoughts and ideas are much appreciated. 


Raquel Reedy, Superintendent
Albuquerque Public Schools