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Posted: September 25, 2015

Online Tool Helps Parents Help Their Kids

Supt. Reedy encourages parents and students to use ParentVUE/StudentVUE.

Have you ever known someone (like me or maybe even yourself) who intercepted the mail when report cards were sent home? Perhaps it was a teenager who didn't want their parents to find out about a bad grade, missing assignments or too many tardies.

APS has just wrapped up the first six-week grading period for high schools and report cards will be heading to virtual mailboxes any day now. Middle schools finish their first grading period in a few weeks, and parent conferences for elementary school students are set for November.

Actually this is always a pretty exciting time for teachers as well as students and their families. I remember watching parents walking into their child's classroom with an eager third grader barely containing his excitement. The good news is parents and guardians don't have to wait for report cards to find out how their child is progressing in school. Thanks to technology, they can jump online using their computer, tablet or smartphone at any hour of the day, any day of the week, to find out if their child is succeeding in math, English, social studies, etc.,  or if they're struggling and need extra help.

A couple of years ago, APS started using a program called ParentVUE (or StudentVUE for the kids) that provides secure, private access to school and student information including assignments, grades, attendance and teacher contact information.

The good news is we have more than 50,000 parents using this system (a 300 percent increase over last year!) I want all of our parents - and students, too - to feel comfortable using this system. Communications, after all, is key to student success. So I'm asking for your help. We put together an easy to understand training video for parents in both English and Spanish. It explains what ParentVUE/StudentVue is, and then it walks them through the program.

I am asking that you share the link to this video with your parents so that they are comfortable using this great tool that will help them help us help their kids succeed. The days of waiting on the porch for the mailman are long gone. Today, families can receive timely information on student progress and the celebrations can start early!

Thanks for always putting students and their families first. You matter more than you will ever know.  

Kind regards,

Raquel  Reedy
APS Superintendent