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Posted: May 4, 2018

Beginnings and Endings

Supt. Reedy reflects on graduation in her weekly message to employees.

I love that K-12 education has clearly defined beginnings and endings.

It all starts in kindergarten, or more and more in pre-school, when pint-sized, wide-eyed children enter school for the first time. Some walk through the door already knowing how to read and count; others barely recognize letters and numbers. No matter. We meet all students where they are and, over the next dozen years or so, lead them on an astonishing journey.

And then it ends.

Thousands of our students will reach their destination in the coming days as they don caps and gowns, gather with friends and family and walk across the stage to pick up their high school diplomas.

Think for a minute about that voyage they are about to complete – where it started, where it took them, where they are now and where they are headed. The Class of 2018, those no longer wide-eyed students of ours, inevitably will continue to learn throughout their lives. But the experiences that lie ahead will be nothing like the trek that is just about to end.

My hope is that we prepared them well. My wish is that they enjoyed the ride. My prayer is that they are successful and happy, that they are lifelong learners, that they look back with fond memories of their days in Albuquerque Public Schools.

I’m sad to know that not all will for a variety of reasons often out of our control. But I’m confident most will. And that, in no small way, is due to you and all members of the APS family.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: every one of you plays a role in educating our students. And most of you play multiple roles not just educators and staff, but also as parent, caregiver, volunteer, mentor, neighbor, friend.

You give of your time and your wisdom. 

You give of your heart and soul. 

So congratulations to the Class of 2018 and to all of you who touched the lives of these soon-to-be graduates and of graduates to come. What a joyous way to end another school year. 

And just around the corner, a new beginning.