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Posted: October 25, 2019

Have You Voted Yet?

In her weekly message, Superintendent Reedy encourages APS employees to vote in the bond and mill levy election.

Have you voted yet?

As an employee of Albuquerque Public Schools, you know better than most what is at stake in the upcoming bond and mill levy election. 

You know what it’s like to teach and work in stuffy classrooms or offices when the air conditioner isn’t working right, or in chilly conditions when the heater is on the fritz.

Many of you teach and work in an aging school or office building where roofs sometimes leak or where fixtures need to be replaced to keep lead out of the water. 

If your students, their family members, or even you have a disability, you know the challenges of maneuvering through schools and offices that need to be brought into ADA compliance. 

You understand the need for good working copiers. You get how important it is to have modern technology for our students and staff. You want our schools to have quality equipment for PE, libraries, career vocational classes, music and fine arts, science. 

You know how critical it is to make our schools safe, with locks on all doors, quality fencing, card access, security cameras and alarms. You know what it takes to make to make our students and families feel comfortable and secure.  

The bond and mill levy package on the Nov. 5 ballot would help address all of these needs and more. It is a pared-down ask from this year’s earlier mail-in election, focused this time primarily on urgent and basic repairs.

What we’re asking voters to approve is a continuation of the property tax that helps pay for capital improvements. This tax is already in place, so your tax rate won’t go up.

We’re also asking for authorization to issue up to $100 million of general obligation bonds to build, remodel, equip and furnish schools and school grounds. The bond issue also helps pay for technology. 

There’s lots more information about the bond and mill levy election posted to our website:2019 APS Bond and Mill Levy Questions and Answers.

I encourage you to share this information with your family, friends, and neighbors. Help inform them, then encourage them to vote. 

You don’t have to wait until Nov. 5 to cast your ballot. Early voting continues through Nov. 2. Here’s a list of early voting locations: Early Voting Locations.

For those of you who voted already, I thank you for fulfilling your civic duty. And for those of you planning to go to the polls in the coming weeks, I thank you, too. Here’s a short video with some good information that you can view and share as you prepare to cast your ballot. 

Thanks for voting! 


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