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News from the Superintendent

Posted: April 28, 2016

CCHS & Other APS Gems

Supt. Reedy attended her first commencement as superintendent last weekend for College & Career High School.

I attend my first commencement as superintendent last weekend at the joint graduation ceremony for APS College and Career High School and CNM. What a great honor! What a great program!

CCHS is one of our schools of choice, a true gem located on the CNM campus that allows students to earn college credit while attending high school. 

The 52 graduates who make up the founding class of CCHS walked across the stage Saturday having earned more than 1,600 college credits. By the end of summer, a dozen of them will have associate degrees in a variety of subjects including chemistry, communication, entrepreneurship, phlebotomy and sociology.

The cost of completing all of these credits normally would be around $84,000; for our students, it was free.

If I sound excited about this school it’s because it does exactly what we in public education are supposed to be doing – opening doors for our students and sending them down paths of potential, possibility and hope.

Congratulations to the CCHS Class of 2016, a pioneering group of students who took a chance on a new program three years ago and wound up with a terrific education. And congrats to the great CCHS staff, too – led by Principal Elizabeth Abeyta. You believe in your students. You help them succeed, and for that you deserve a pat on the back. 

Know a high school student who’s chomping at the bit to start college? Maybe one of your students? Or one of your own children? Encourage them to visit College and Career High School. Take a tour. Visit their website. Spread the word.

Another unique APS program that will be graduating an outstanding group of students in the coming days is the International Baccalaureate Program at Sandia High. I’m awed by these 30 students who challenged themselves as juniors to be part of a world-renowned, academically rigorous program designed to prepare them for success at any university they choose. Now they’re there. What a huge accomplishment for them and the staff that supports them under the guidance of Principal Scott Elder.

And yet another unique group of graduates who have grabbed my attention are those in the Nursing Program at the Career Enrichment Center. These 26 students will participate in their annual pinning ceremony next Friday. Most of the students who graduate from this program – the only fully accredited practical nursing program in the state – go on to have successful health care careers. I’m confident that I and others who need their services down the road will be in good hands! Again, a tip of the hat to the CEC staff and Principal Pat Arguelles.

Most of our graduation ceremonies will be the week of May 9. It’s a culmination of years of hard work and stick-with-it-ness; of letdowns and victories and achievement. What a wonderful time of year for those of us in education. A time worth celebrating, starting with the CCHS Class of 2016.

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