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FA Facilities Development Goals

School buildings and facilities are key public resources. These properties shall be utilized in a manner that provides the greatest public benefit.

The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to pursue appropriate management of these resources to serve the public benefit, not only in terms of services but also to provide fiscal benefit. The superintendent, or his/her designee, shall develop administrative procedural directives to implement this policy.

Administrator Responsible:     Chief Operations Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Implementing Departments:    Capital Master Plan/Facilities, Design and Construction

Legal Cross Ref.:                  
Board Policy Cross Ref.:                    DE – Bonds, Mill Levies and Education Technology Notes
                                                           DJ1 – Purchase and Project Approval
                                                           K.03 Non-School Use of Albuquerque Public Schools Facilities

Procedural Directive Cross Ref.:         Facilities Master Plan: Review and Update Procedure
                                                            Facilities Planning and Construction: Major Projects Design and Approval

Buildings and Grounds: Non-School Use of Facilities

NSBA/NEPN Classification: FB

Revised: January 17, 1990
Reviewed: January 1, 2001
Reviewed: April 2001
Reviewed: November 11, 2015
Revised: November 18, 2015

This page was last updated on: December 9, 2009.