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EE1 School Bus and District Vehicle Drivers and Personal Electronic Devices

All school bus drivers who transport students to and from school and on district-sponsored activities for the Albuquerque Public Schools shall be prohibited from the following:

  1. The use of personal electronic devices – even those equipped with hands-free devices - while driving a school bus with or without student passengers;
  2. The use of personal electronic devices while supervising the loading and unloading of students.

The only exception to the use personal electronic devices by school bus drivers may be in the case of an extreme emergency.  Personal electronic devices may be used by school bus drivers in the case of an emergency only if the school bus is stopped and secured in a safe location.

Drivers of district vehicles shall comply with city ordinances for use of personal electronic devices while operating a vehicle.

Administrative Position: Chief Operations Officer

Department Director: Executive Director of Operations

Legal Cross Ref.: ’74 Code, § 8-2-1-24
Board Policy Cross Ref: EE Transportation Services

NSBA/NEPN Classification: GBEF, EEAE

Reviewed: August 16, 2007
Approved: September 5, 2007
Reviewed: August 14, 2013
Revised: August 21, 2013