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AD1 Firearms Prohibited

Albuquerque Public Schools prohibits possession of firearms from district sites, with the exception of law enforcement officers in the lawful execution of their duties.

Secure firearm storage is an essential part of home safety. If a decision has been made to bring a gun into a student’s home, parents/guardians can make the home safer by storing any firearms unloaded and locked, with ammunition kept in a separate place. Research has proven that this simple practice can help prevent unintentional shootings, gun suicides, and other tragedies that can result when kids and teens gain access to guns. For more information, see

Board of Education Position:           Board of Education President

Administrative Position:                  Superintendent

Legal Cross Ref.:                                §22-5-4.7 NMSA 1978

Board Policy Cross Ref.:                    

Procedural Directive Cross Ref.:       

NSBA/NEPN Classification:            ADC

Introduced: September 14, 2016
Adopted: September 21, 2016
Reviewed: July 7, 2022
Revised: July 20, 2022