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Selection of Library-Media-Print/Non-Print Material - June 1997 Revision

Personnel Involved in the Selection Criteria Process

Because it is difficult to legally remove materials once they have been placed into the library collection, it is imperative that personnel conducting the selection process exercise quality judgment throughout the process. The Board of Education provides support in the selection of materials for instruction and assistance to school library-media specialists and District library-media staff through the Board’s policy on controversial issues.

The District library-media staff facilitates the selection process. The school library-media staff establishes means of obtaining teacher, student, parent/guardian involvement in the acquisition of materials.

Selection Criteria

Interrelated criteria for the selection of library-media material are the following:

  1. Capacity to reach the personal interest level and ability of students.
  2. Appropriate reading comprehension level for students.
  3. Capacity of the material to support the curriculum needs of the school.
  4. Importance of the subject matter for current or lasting interest.
  5. Consideration of literary content:
    1. Quality of the writing
    2. Logical development of plot
    3. Continuing presentation of concepts or theme throughout the work
    4. Careful, consistent development of main theme
    5. Strong, realistic characterization
    6. The historical or literary significance of the author
  6. Balance of library collection.
  7. Physical characteristics of the item(s):
    1. Appropriate binding and/or packaging of each item
    2. Sound is clear and color reproduction is true
    3. Appropriate size of print type and quality of paper
    4. Equipment is available for use with material when required

Library-media material shall not be excluded solely because of the race, sex, nationality, political, or religious view of the author or producer.

Print/non-print material that meets the selection criteria shall not be proscribed or removed from the classroom or library-media center except through the Procedures for Meeting Concerns About Library-Media Print and Non-Print Material. Outdated materials or materials in poor condition may be removed.

Selection criteria will apply to all gifts and donations of library-media materials.

Cross Ref.: Board Policy I.06: School Volunteers

NSBA/NEPN Classification: IJL

Revised: May 1995
: April 1996
: June 1997