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School-linked and School-based Health Services - March 2000 Revision

Note: This procedural directive was reviewed and revised in November 2010. We provide this revision for historic purposes only. Please refer to the current procedural directive.

Independent health care providers may offer services for students on campus (school-based) or at a location within the school community (school-linked). The following procedure has been devised to ensure that there is alignment with district goals and programs; and that issues regarding liability, confidentiality, and consent for services have been addressed. Students will not be required to use the services offered by independent health care providers.

Procedure to Initiate or Expand School-Based or School-Linked Health Services:

  1. The school community will conduct an assessment to determine the health needs of students, as required by the Educational Plan for Student Success (EPSS)/Instructional Program Review (IPR).
  2. Independent health care providers who desire to implement or expand health services in APS schools, to address the EPSS identified needs, must first contact the office of Community Outreach in Student Support Services.
  3. Independent health care providers will be required to complete a "Proposal to Provide School-Linked or School-Based Health Services" that requires information about: intent, description and scope of services, service schedule, service location(s), fees, funding sources, licenses/credentials, and liability coverage. This proposal will be sent for review to the office of Community Outreach in Student Support Services.
  4. Within 30 days of receiving the "Proposal to Provide School-Linked or School-Based Health Services", staff specialists in Student Support Services (other departments will be consulted when appropriate) will review the proposal to determine program efficacy. They will consult with the school’s Health Services Team (e.g., nurse, counselor, social worker, school psychologist, evaluation specialist, and principal) to determine alignment with district and school goals and programs. This Health Services Team will complete the "School Request to Receive School-Linked or School-Based Health Services" and will be responsible to present the request for review, modification and adoption to any appropriate school committee or council.
  5. Upon receipt of the "School Request for School-Linked and School-Based Health Services", the Coordinator of Community Outreach will prepare a contract and ensure for services, liability coverage, and the background screening checks required by state law are met.
  6. Services that have district-wide implications, involve multiple clusters, obligate APS fiscal resources and /or other commitments, will be presented to the Superintendent/designee for approval.
  7. Services are to be jointly monitored and evaluated by the school administrator, the School Health Services Team, any appropriate school committee or council, and the service providers on a regular basis, or at least annually as per the service providers on a regular basis, or at least annually as per the services contract. The decision to continue services will be based upon the appropriateness of services provided as determined through data collection, the provider’s cooperation with district policies and goals, and the health needs that continue to be identified in the EPSS/IPR.
  8. The principal is responsible, through the Instructional Program Review process, for the ongoing alignment and provision of health services within the district goals.

Cross Ref.:Board Policy J.18

NSBA/NEPN Classification: JLC

Approved: September 26, 1987
Revised: January 17, 1990
Revised: February 20, 1996
Revised: March 1, 2000