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Immunization - January 2007 Revision

Note: This procedural directive was reviewed and revised in October 2010. We provide this revision for historic purposes only. Please refer to the current procedural directive.

New Mexico law requires all students be currently immunized before entrance into school. The school or District nurse will instruct the designee in the procedure of recording immunizations on the Cumulative Health Record (HE-04).

The schools are responsible for maintaining a record of the immunization status of each student enrolled and reporting to the State Health Agency the names of parents or guardians who fail to comply with the law. The schools are responsible for preventing the continued school attendance of any child whose parents fail to comply with this law. The school nurse or designee will review immunization records and notify the principal of those students who are not currently immunized. The principal or designee will inform parents if a child cannot be enrolled because of non-current immunizations and of where the immunizations may be obtained.

Students transferring from other school districts are subject to the same immunization requirements as other students upon enrollment.

Forms necessary for recording immunizations and forms for parents showing immunization requirements will be delivered by nurses or designees to school prior to pre-registration. Health inserts for the cumulative folder are to be ordered from the Materials Management Department.


Official records for medical exemptions from immunizations must be submitted annually to schools by parents and must be signed by the students' physician. Exemptions signed by chiropractors are not acceptable. Medical exemptions are granted by the State Health & Environment Department, and the physician's statement will be attached to the school health record.

Parents who have an objection to immunization of their children based upon a religious belief must submit a formal request for exemption through the Superintendent to the director of State Health and Environment Department. Within 60 days the parents and the school will be notified if the exemption was approved or disapproved. Students may be conditionally enrolled pending the decision.

If the student is a member of a religious organization which does not believe in immunization, exemption forms are usually available through that church or organization and may be signed by the minister or practitioner. Students who are not formally affiliated with such a group may have a conscientious objection statement submitted. Such forms are available from Instructional Services and Support and must be notarized.

Present Immunization Requirements

Children under 7 years of age Children 7 years of age and over
Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis Polio Diphtheria-tetanus Polio
Rubeola (hard measles) Mumps Rubeola
Rubella (3 day measles) Rubella
Hepatitis B (entering 7th grade, Fall 1999)

Cross Ref.: Board Policy J.04

NSBA/NEPN Classification: JLCB

Revised: May 1995
April 1996
May 1997
April 1999
Revised: January 2007